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Income splitting trusts

A taxpayer who would like to undertake tax splitting may do so with an income splitting trust. With this type of trust, it is often possible to tax income allotted to several beneficiaries of a trust, and also to increase the capital gains deduction when selling shares of a small enterprise. The tax aspect must also be considered when structuring such a trust. Our firm will analyze a client’s situation and it has the expertise to draft and personalize income splitting trust deeds.

Succession planning trusts

A taxpayer who is in business and wishes to plan his eventual withdrawal as a shareholder may establish this type of trust to qualify some beneficiaries as successors in the business. Such a trust provides rules for the allotment and transfer of shares to beneficiaries. Our firm will analyze a client’s situation and it has the expertise to draft and personalize a succession planning trust deed.

Trusts for the protection of personal property

A taxpayer who seeks protection from his eventual creditors may establish a trust for the protection of personal property. Such a trust must abide by certain rules to comply with the law. A taxpayer may transfer property which is deemed appropriate in the context of such a trust to avoid any tax impact. Our firm will analyze a client’s situation and it has the expertise to draft and personalize a trust deed for the protection of personal property.

Wills and mandates in case of incapacity

Basic wills

Some clients may only require a basic will to cover their personal situation. Our firm often prepares this type of will and also pays special attention to various aspects of a client’s situation, which are all too often neglected.

Mandates in case of incapacity

In order to address potential invalidity, it is wise to prepare a mandate in case of incapacity. On the basis of our expertise in planning, we can draft a mandate in case of incapacity that meets your needs. It may be appropriate for a business client to include a number of special clauses.

Trust wills

For other clients, drafting a trust will is more relevant, based on their financial or personal situation. We regularly undertake this type of assignment, which is much more complex. Personalized tax and estate planning is generally required for such a will. Because of its significant complexity, our firm uses great care and thoroughness when drafting a trust will.

Minute book service

A minute book service is provided to corporate clients and to their companies. Our firm has a large vault where corporate minute books are stored. Through this service, a client’s accountant is notified at the end of a company’s fiscal year so we may prepare shareholders’ and directors’ annual meetings, as well as any other document required to update the company’s minute book.

Business start-up

This business start-up service is available to clients who are already in business or not. It is aimed at professionals who wish to start their own business, such as doctors, dentists, notaries, lawyers, etc. or at entrepreneurs who plan to set up a business corporation. In addition, this service is well suited for those who wish to establish a sole proprietorship or a partnership.

Our specialization in tax and corporate law allows us to establish a personalized corporation, adapted to our clients’ particular situation.

Shareholders agreements

Shareholders in a company should have a shareholders agreement which sets out rules pertaining to particular situations such as death, disability, litigation between shareholders, bankruptcy or withdrawal of a shareholder, etc. Our firm ensures that company shareholders rely on a sound agreement to govern their relationships.

A client who would like to integrate his business successors may also have an intergenerational agreement drawn up, which specifies how successors will acquire the company’s shares.

Amalgamation and liquidation

Companies intending to amalgamate may run into certain tax issues. Our expertise allows us to analyze a client’s legal and tax situation, and to proceed with the required amalgamation.

Business acquisition or sale

A client who wants to sell or acquire a business needs assistance and advice to establish an optimum structure. Our firm will advise a client throughout the process and will also support him during negotiations proceedings for such a sale or acquisition. Finally, our firm will draft or supervise the preparation of contracts related to such transactions.

Business succession

A client who intends to prepare for a well-deserved retirement can consult us to explore opportunities allowing for the integration of successors into his business. We can discuss a variety of succession mechanisms such as intergenerational shareholders’ agreements, succession trusts, holding companies or estate freezing.

Estate settlements

Because all of our team members are extensively trained, our firm is perfectly suited to settle complex estate dealings. Our experienced team will support you throughout the process and will carry out all the legal and tax-related steps required to settle the estate of one of your family members.

Integrated planning study

With today’s fast-paced lifestyle, few people take time to think about the potential impact of various events on themselves and on their family members. Among others, we are referring to disability, retirement or death.

The multidisciplinary team conducts a detailed analysis of all planning aspects, using a global approach. Every facet is addressed, including legal aspects, the consequences of death, corporate analysis, investments, taxation, retirement, disability and insurance needs. With its “Planning Study” on hand, our firm will increase clients’ awareness about unavoidable events in life. In addition, it ensures the monitoring of a client’s current activities in relation to the goals he seeks to achieve.

Negotiations with tax authorities

Our firm is often called upon to communicate with various tax authorities in order to obtain their opinion and interpretation of tax legislation. In addition, we can request the anticipated processing of a transaction.

Memos for corporate restructuring

Our firm is specialized in drafting tax memos that lead to the optimization of a client’s current corporate and tax structure. Based on objectives defined by the client, an optimum structure will be recommended in order to improve his situation and meet his needs.