Groupe Fisca



To be the leading reference in comprehensive and integrated planning at competitive rates.

Mission statement

Through a multidisciplinary and collaborative approach, provide our clients with personal, corporate and estate planning services by integrating tax, fiscal and financial aspects.


Because of our specialized approach in comprehensive and integrated planning, we are called to work in the legal, taxation and financial fields. Some team members deal with taxation planning and analyses, while others focus on implementing them and preparing required legal documents.

Our firm

Relying on a young and dynamic team, Groupe Conseil Fisca (GCF) specializes in corporate taxation. We support and guide entrepreneurs and professionals throughout their various projects so that they can achieve their goals more easily. Our firm is frequently called upon by business people and is involved in several daily transactions and commercial restructuring. Our vast experience in the area of corporate taxation makes us highly competitive and acutely aware of trends in the current market, which is a major asset for our clientele.

One of GCF’s main purposes is to provide integrated and professional services, putting forward solutions for our clients within a specific mandate. We also implement these solutions and ensure
thorough follow-up in order to validate their effectiveness.